Government not to blame for Bloody Sunday Deaths

There was much rejoicing by campaigners after The Bloody Sunday Report was published last week. They were rightly pleased by the report’s conclusion that unjustifiable firing by soldiers of 1 PARA caused the deaths of 13 people and injury to a similar number, none of whom was posing a threat of causing death or serious injury.

Some of those representing the families of those who died alleged that the civil and military authorities bore responsibility for the deaths and injuries on Bloody Sunday. However, no evidence was found to support these allegations. On the contrary, the evidence showed that in the months before Bloody Sunday the United Kingdom Government was working towards a peaceful political settlement in Northern Ireland. Perhaps we can now expect apologies from the families for their attempts to blacken the name of the government and military authorities.

The scandal of this inquiry is not its cost but the fact that it looked at only 13 deaths amongĀ  the thousands killed during the “troubles” in Northern Ireland. Maybe now the Official IRA and Martin McGuinness will reveal the full truth about their involvement in Bloody Friday and the many murders they were responsible for.