Madeley Academy – Wind Turbines

The Academy turbines, aka Madeley Folly, have long been a source of wonder to the ‘locals’ who expect wind turbines to spin merrily generating electricity. For months only the central one turned but after recent maintenance work the two outer turbines now work but the centre one is motionless.

The Folly was presumably built to show the academies “green” credentials but will it benefit from the Government’s new, heavily subsidised scheme to increase renewable energy generation. It has a  “feed-in tariff”, under which producers are paid for the electricity they produce even if they use it themselves.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change estimates that the scheme, introduced on April 1st, will cost more than £8 billion to subsidise over the next 20 years, or £8.50 a year on the average household electricity bill.

Spinning turbines mean even more of our money is going into the academies coffers so maybe stationary turbines are a blessing in disguise?